MLR Sprint 2010 – Round 3 – Rockingham

Pre Event

I was determined to make the event after missing the last MLR Sprint at Oulton Park. However it wasn’t until a couple of days before hand that I could confirm I could get time off work. We travelled up on Thursday night after packing the cars with the usual equipment, arriving around 10:30 at the “Hampton by Hilton” hotel (very nice place to stay and very close to the track, approximately a mile or so away).

The Event

We signed on and swapped over the wheels for the R888’s and then attended the driver briefing. We went out for the sighting lap trying to make a note of all of the corners and how best to take them as it was the first time we had been on track at Rockingham.

Throughout the morning my times decreased as my confidence increased when I became more familar with the track. Although the final corner was proving a little tricky.

At lunch time Karen and Jonathan (Easy Life) popped off in search of food to put on the BBQ. I waited back with the car and had a good chat with other competitors and several members of the MLR who had popped over to spectate.

The afternoon sessions begain and I improved my time a little. However other competitors in class B were much quicker. I was struggling with grip, finding the best lines, and entry speeds to the corners but was having fun!

I didn’t think I was going to break the 1:08’s but with my final run of the day I was able to drop my time from 1:09.08 to 1:08:65 which was an identical time with fellow class B competitor Armo. Quite interesting that there were 2 tied places at this round (the other being Neverneverman and Richard Marples with their 1:03:48 in class D).

I have upoaded the incar footage which shows a bit of a mistake coming around the last corner which I hope you will enjoy.

Thanks to the MLR staff and other members for making it such an enjoyable day. Hope to make it to the next event at Castle Combe!


MLR Round 3 Rockingham

MLR Round 3 Rockingham


MLR Sprint 2010 – Round 3: Rockingham – Quickest Run

Incar footage from MLR Sprint 2010 Round 3 at Rockingham on 21st May 2010. Footage taken by Ian ‘Surfa’ Roberts and edited by Jonathan ‘Easy Life’ Faull.


Rockingham Paddock shots – From the MLR Thread

Rockingham Sprint Pics – From the MLR Thread