MLR Sprint 2010 – Round 4 – Castle Combe

Pre Event

The car was in for a little work and I was not sure if it would be ready in time for the sprint. However in the end I was able to collect the car at 20:00 the day before (big thanks to Mark). As we were in Oxfordshire, just 1hr from Castle Combe, it was back home to pack up the car with the various bits and pieces and then relaxing with a beer or two!

The Event

We signed on and as I only had the worn set of R888’s already on the car available to run we were good to go. We attended the driver briefing, followed by the obligatory sighting lap trying to make a note of all of the corners and how best to take them as it was the first time I had been on track at Castle Combe appart from the MLR World Record day almost 2 years before but that doesn’t really count as we were only doing 15mph!


Throughout the morning practice my times continued to drop as I gained confidence. I was however finding it hard to keep speed through the the chicanes especially the last one where several times I ended up partially on the grass.

The morning session was cut short as I had to get a set of 888’s fitted to my new set of Enkei’s (thanks to Darin and Mechell for their help organising delivery of them). Protyre had pulled out of attending the event last minute so I had to take a quick trip to the local quickfit!

By then it was time for food and then out for qualifying. It took a little while to scrub in the new 888’s but they were soon feeling better and I was able to push harder and harder with each run. I was several seconds adrift by the end of the day with a 1:17.74 which was only good enough for 7th in class B and 18th overall.

Thanks to the MLR staff and other members for making it such an enjoyable day. Thanks also to Karen, Lesley, Trevor, and Jonathan for their support throughout the day:) I don’t think I will be able to make the next sprint but will hopefully be at the Teeside event!


MLRSS Round 4 Castle Combe

MLRSS Round 4 Castle Combe


MLR Sprint 2010 – Round 4: Castle Combe – Surfa – In car and trackside

Incar footage from MLR Sprint 2010 Round 4 at Castle Combe on 11th June 2010. Footage taken by Ian ‘Surfa’ Roberts and edited by Jonathan ‘Easy Life’ Faull. Itisfrom my second fastest run (didn’t have a spare card for the fastest) which shows some bad lines and with too many mistakes.

Trackside footage from all competitors – Video 1 of 3

Trackside footage from all competitors – Video 2 of 3

Trackside footage from all competitors – Video 3 of 3


Castle Combe Sprint Pics – From the MLR Thread