Oct 072010
MLR Sprint 2010 - Final - Silverstone

Pre Event We were unsure whether we would be able to make the last round of the MLR Sprint for financial and mechanical reasons but in the end couldn’t resist the competitive yet friendly atmosphere of the MLR Sprint events. We had attended the MLR Castle Combe track day before the big finale and the […]

May 222010
MLR Sprint 2010 - Round 3 - Rockingham

Pre Event I was determined to make the event after missing the last MLR Sprint at Oulton Park. However it wasn’t until a couple of days before hand that I could confirm I could get time off work. We travelled up on Thursday night after packing the cars with the usual equipment, arriving around 10:30 […]

Mar 232010
MLR Sprint 2010 - Round 1 - Silverstone

Pre Event We made the decision to do the sprint only a few days before the event. It was suggested by Jonathan “Easy Life” Faull that I should give it a go as we didn’t make it to the MLR Brands Hatch Track day earlier in the year because I thought  the rain would be a little tricky with my […]