May 172011

We arrived at a cloudy wet Donington an hour or so before sign on and scrutineering. Fortunately, the rain soon stopped and remained dry for the rest of the event, that was one less thing to worry about.

I was quite excited as it was my first time on track at Donington. I spent the first few qualification laps familiarising myself with the circuit and creating space for a few quicker runs. Although I managed to qualify 13th out of 32 cars, my pace was somewhat off compared to others in class such as the driver Nick Williamson.

After avoiding several spinners at the first corner of the race I eventually ended up moving into third place for a period of the race although a mistake meant I took an off track excursion. By the end of the race I had dropped back into 5th in class although I was pleased to have brought the car home in one piece.

Trackside and Paddock footage from Euro Saloons Championship 2011 (By Jonathan Faull)


We are now looking forward to the next round at Brands Hatch and hopefully will be able to put in a better performance.

I would like to thank Mark Harrison (Owen Developments) who prepared the car for Donington; Jonathan Faull (brother-in-law) for being on trailer duty and supporting me throughout the day; Bettina Gallagher for allowing Jonathan to help even though she was due to pop out my nephew any day!


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